Heidi wants to contact ban for her mother

the 23-year-old converted to request a contact ban considering reality television personality. ” I have my mother made it very clear that I want to have nothing to do with her. I’m kotsmisselijk of what they did Thursday. She needs to stay away with me, ” said Heidi. and what did mams than wrong? She stood with her daughter unexpectedly on the pavement. The relationship between mother and daughter is seriously strained é é n day after Heidi underwent 10 cosmetic procedures on. Her mother was terrified of the final result. ” She looked at me like I’m from the zoo came, as if I was a circus freak. ” When her mother came over unexpectedly Heidi went through the Ribbon. She called the police. ” Agents are gone to the mansion and have the mother advised her rush to unwind. Her daughter is an adult woman, if they do not want to speak with her mother do not need that, ” said a police spokesman from Los Angeles. Son-in-law Spencer Pratt does thrown in a few extras. He has never been able to find good with his mother and called her once ‘ ‘ vagina. Thursday he told that Heidi is emotionally raped by her mother.

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