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this week is, in fact, has come to light that few can knock of the story of the now 20-year-old Maria   mustard. Peter r. de Vries has in his broadcast of last Sunday an episode dedicated to her story and comes to the conclusion that there really bad things have happened with Maria, but not like the way it is described in her book  

. roll monkey with Maria Mustard Dave put for example questioning the fact that a   18-year-old boy can be leader of an international gang. A boy who at that time is less than two years in Netherlands. The girls who have been sold to foreign countries; so-called Manou where are the calls of missing persons cases? The lawsuit against the school of the Mustards Maria have instituted for never reporting her absence, they have lost. From the data of the school found that Maria barely has been absent. And then another important question: why do they not report against Manou do? Also in the episode of

De Vries submitted a simple calculation: Maria said she earned a few thousand euro per day for Manou and that only during school time. He brought her to Rotterdam. The journey from Zwolle to Rotterdam and back is almost four hours. A pupil of the substructure is about six hours at school. There rest so about two hours to earn those few thousand euros. That is what tight…

In his episode gives Dave some specialists the word of which say that her story is not truthful. Her book is written as processing in India. It was part of the therapy and business written in therapy sessions, are not reliable, so is their judgment. Maria later wrote the book Bindi, about her period in India. In the same episode, it becomes clear that Mary and her mother, Lucie Mustard not available for comment. How often they formerly in any conceivable program on came draven, so they are now silent and unreachable.

 roll monkey with Maria Mustard last Wednesday was to see a documentary of Jessica Villerius on SBS6. The documentary tells the other side of Manou real men eat no cheese see. Manou, real name Ansou, lets see what it has done with him and refutes the allegations from the book. He is no pimp or loverboy, and it is still what’s worse: he’s never even been to bed with her. As evidence of this, he has her own book: in the excerpt in which he is the so-called ontkleedde, she describes the smiley on his briefs. They know about the scar of at least twenty-five inches that runs from top to bottom over his belly. Ansou says: ” that’s because she has never seen. I’ve never been to bed with her. ” Possible in this documentary, we see the real victim: someone for the rest of his life no longer of the stamp ‘ loverboy coming, while that probably won’t so completely unjustified. The mother of Maria, the documentary makers that they are brainwashed by a manipulative criminal. The same Ansou so.

crime reporter Hendrik Jan Kalantri has also researched the story of Maria and comes with its conclusion in his book real men do eat cheese. He also says that few can knock her story. Maria

to be responded to.Now Maria

the real name of Manou, announced Ansou, and photo’s of him has shown, she is punishable. Ansou has registered for libel and slander. This can be another annoying end for Maria.

How come well that very Netherlands Maria and her mother believed? Peter r. de Vries says that everyone has heard what he wanted to hear. No one has ever really critical questions, because it is the story of a young girl. And because a young girl narrates this terrible experiences, the swallowed as sweet cake. I think the truth is somewhere in the Middle: Maria will have experienced and has this annoying things using her book try to process. According to the police records that there is a gang rape took place and there she has called Declaration of done. This has also led to a conviction. There are bad things happened, but the rest has them made up. Her terrible experiences, a piece of paper, a piece of film, fantasy and that mixed to a story.


now? Netherlands is now angry. We feel shafted. Maria’s Hyve-page is blocked because there en masse on the ‘ ‘ this is not ok button is pressed, there appear blogs and articles. Her book is of books lists on schools deleted. It’s no longer an autobiographical narrative, it’s fiction. Fiction where girls still can learn; fiction that still has a warning function. A book that still very however, our sympathy, but that is no longer    

obtains. View the conversation between Publishing House of Gennep (Chris T) and Peter r. de Vries at

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