Robbie had dogs as bridesmaid

to Hello Magazine tells the newlyweds on the best day of their lives. Robbie: ” the only traditional to our wedding was the wedding vow. ” For example, the customers thought that they were bound for a

James Bond-theme party.

Ayda continues, ” I wanted to make the first small bow for dogs, but I have them all ultimately put a flower collar. ” Robbie and Ayda had in addition both night and day out-no and Robbie didn’t want to witness.

The Take That singer brought especially for his wife are huge hit Angels sung by anyone, which was fully performed. Robbie felt blissfully happy: ” Ayda looked great, the most beautiful girl in the world. It was a magical day we have shared together with family and our dearest friends. When Ayda in her wedding dress appeared it was me almost too much. I am the happiest man in the world. ”

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