Lady Gaga do not compress well, love life

Lady Gaga was just started dating and even with Luc have been on vacation to Texas, when she found out that a friend had not yet been loving it with his previous s.

the British

The Daily Mail reports that the singer not trusted and went himself. They sent the Lady in question an sms asking for clarity. A friend of Gaga tells in Grazia: ” Luc’s ex told her that they are still together. She was so upset. Luc had Gaga promised that he would treat her well and that all problems were over. ”

Luc (32) and Lady Gaga (24) five years ago had a relationship, for that the singer was so immensely popular and successful. The relationship piece ran, because Gaga addicted hit

to drugs.

The friend: ” she’s a little started with Luc, and now she’s afraid she is going to lose him again, because they can’t trust him. She is also upset because this makes her the other woman ‘ ‘. Gaga has a whole carri è re for himself built, because they had to prove that they could. But in her private life she feels é a fool, because they the man she does not like her can only keep. ”

you can apparently still not have it all…

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