Scarlett Johansson berates red carpet

the actress tells in an interview with Cosmopolitan Magazine that they do like to Struts for the red carpet, but very uncomfortable if they will actually have to walk over it. Scarlett: ” I get a dry mouth and heart palpitations, I’m just totally panicked! I once ran alongside John Travolta on the red carpet and he was so relaxed. I asked him how he did that and he said: ‘ In mind I am on Hawaii. ‘ ”

normally tells the blonde but little about her private life é. They left something loose to Cosmopolitan: ” in the past I read interviews back then and I recognized myself no longer total. Definitely my love life is often falsely interpreted. ” Scarlett is happily married to actor Ryan Reynolds for two years. ” He is funny. We love his sense of humor, ” she tells

about him.

Despite that the two still have a lot of fun together, it is not always easy: ” I think it’s for actors is difficult for some to have relationship, because we are so fickle. It also helps not that you’re as much as apart. You really need to stop energy in the relationship to make it succeed. ”

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