Review: Harry Potter 7-Part 1

almost all movies I have seen one more time, in the days before my two-movies-long-farewell. No punishment for me, because I am fan of Harry Potter of the first hour. At the time I read the first book, 1998, I knew that we would remain friends for a very long time. And the movies I find awesome  -z é ker now the little Harry has become a large, muscular young man. Fine. verhaalHet

The last story, book 7, is divided into two parts. For this is chosen because it is so much important stories in it. Stories that must be told, also in the film. You come there not dumb down. But what was it again? In part six, Harry Potter and the half-blood Prince, Dumbledore and Harry discover that he who can be called Not his soul has broken up into pieces so he can stay alive forever. Dumbledore wants the pieces soul, stored in ‘ ‘ find and destroy Horcruxes. Harry tries to help him, but is distracted by the fact that Voldemort in his head can look and influence his thoughts can be ï. Eventually, professor Dumbledore killed by Snape, while Harry is watching.

In part 7 to detect the other Horcruxes Hogwarts itself. He does this not only to do, of course, he gets help from Ron and Hermione. He is guided by a sense of w touch and wants to avoid at all costs that Voldemort takes over power. For a moment it seems that Harry lose everything what is dear to him and that the search for the relics of death is a hopeless task.


?A rough, sad and painful movie. The beginning of a bout that will be so great, that everyone knows that there should fall victims. And with this knowledge is the movie made. You meet all old friends of Harry and suddenly I remember why I Dwaaloog me to del Rosario, professor Lupin and Neville Longbottom have attached. But at the same time, you know that there must be many characters who said goodbye to the last ten years have entertained us. And that makes watching the movie bitter


but fortunately the makers there not a Vale of tears by created. There are a lot of witty moments in, making you do also have to laugh very hard with some regularity. The already famous scene with Harry Potter in a bra clearly é n of é. In addition, the acting even better than in the previous films. Just because the first part of the last book is focused on the search for the Horcruxes, it comes down to the acting of the three main characters. If you the solitude of Harry, Ron and Hermeliens division between the rancour of her true love and her best friend é cht feel, then you know that there is well played. We are dealing with three actors who have grown up with each other and with Harry Potter. And you will notice back in the film.

part two on 15 July 2011 comes in the cinema, so until then we can enjoy the first part of the film seven. Because you will enjoy, that can’t else.


Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows-Part 1 runs from 17 november in Dutch cinemas.

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