WIN: MOM, tell’s!/Pap, tell’s!

MOM, tell’s! MOM, your life very changed when you got me? Did you have a favorite toy? How were you actually like adolescent? MOM, tell’s! is a gift book full of fun, creative and sometimes poignant questions to your mother. If they answered the questions has, you get the book again from her back. This is MOM, tell’s! without a doubt the most personal book you have ever read. You learn your mother from a different angle…

Pap, tell’s! dad, did you used to be a super hero that you always naspeelde? What did you used to be on the weekends? What was your first real job? Many people don’t actually as much of their father. What a child he was in elementary school? How did he experienced military service? He often went out? What was his first car? By giving dad, tell your dad’s! you will learn from a different angle. His youth, his positions and views, but also all the little things that make him

to the special person that he is.

when her mother became seriously ill, Elma van Vliet that realized there were still so many things that they like her mom would want to know. From this emotional experience is the idea for MOM, tell’s! arise. Meanwhile, there are already nearly half a million books sold! MOM, tell’s! and dad, tell’s! are now specially for the holidays only 14,99 euro. All Sinter Kabir and Christmas men of Netherlands got any copy can do that now so very beneficial on: may five copies of MOM, tell’s  ! and dad, tell’s! give away. To win a (random) book you should

the following question answered correctly.

the contest will run until 28 november. By participating in the giveaway, you automatically sign up for the weekly newsletter from article_id = 2919; var question = ” what year is Elma van Vliet born? ” ; var answer1 = ” 1974 ” ; var answer2 = ” 1976 ” ; var answer3 = ” 1975 ” ; var answer4 = ” 1977 ” ;

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