Emma Watson and J.K. Rowling in tears

the author of the Harry Potter books, Joanne Kathleen Rowling, and the main actors of the movies all came to the word. Emma Joanne broke when she wanted to thank and also the writer himself had soon tissues needed. In recent days thousands of fans come to Trafalgar Square for the wereldpremi è re. Some have even 55 hours camped in wind and weather – all to admire the stars up close. Emma talked about her kiss with Daniel Radcliffe-sc è nes as both Rupert Grint. ” Both sc è nes were equally gene â nt ” , said the actress. The sc è ne with Daniel had to passionate. ” I was half naked and covered in paint, that was pretty annoying, ” said the 21-year-old. The Harry Potter films have already yielded some two billion dollars, and expected to be there is about three hundred million with the last movie.

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