” Doutzen is a sensation as an actress ”

Reinout and Doutzen Reinouts only a week together for film work, but are both very excited. ” Doutzen is a natural. You see how well they things assimilates and responds to fellow players, ” said the Director. It was no coincidence that Doutzen got a role in the film. Doutzen announced that they are very impressed by a woman Comes to the doctor and had seen a documentary in which Reinout was at work. ” A few weeks later I got a phone call for this role in Novaya Zemlya. That you can almost no coincidence more call ” , according to the model. It would be according to Doutzen a kind of Romeo and Juliet story. She explained that its share would be small, but very important. ” Peter, the main character, starts for my character to the trek to my fathers to win respect. ” Doutzen does have some acting ambition, but stays humble. ” I always had acting ambitions to go be careful. I have lessons in New York followed. But I didn’t want a lead role. This to me is a modest beginnings in a large Dutch production. I expect a lot of it. The first images were fantastic. ” Nova Zembla goes on 24 november 2011 in premi è re.

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