Bye Madelon, hi Laura!

after more than five months writing, laughter and conviviality is the canvas than now really fall. With a little bit of nostalgia and memories of a great time on the Editorial Board of, I give the baton to Laura. Bye Joe…

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the moment I came I know still like it was yesterday. As a nervous, scared little mouse ran through the rain I – – to the magnificent building on the Keizersgracht. And with every step I got closer, I could feel my nerves grow. I would soon get in é t h building where large websites like Hulu, fashion scene and of course household. But those nerves were quickly disappeared once I was talking with Jet.

and now, more than five months later, I am already working on my last day. With Jet I have had incredibly cozy (why was I so nervous again?) and with the other girls in the Office, I am also really become girlfriends. But beyond that, there is of course also worked hard – has given me that Jet came that 9 not just! And what have I done nice things. In addition to the participation I had on ‘ the new ‘ I will not soon forget the following things: the Toppers in Concert, the interview with Ben Saunders, the show Burn the Floor, the press presentation of Gooische women, the visit to the Holland Casino, the concert of Jeroen van der Boom, Marlies Dekkers for the launch of Magnum, the testing of flip-flops, perfume and makeup, the H & M-Press presentations and of course the Nivea Supperclub Cruise!

 Bye Madelon, hi Laura!


I really incredible things experienced, learned a lot and look with a smile from ear to ear back on my time at And although I am as good as graduated and t ó ch still don’t really know what I want (I go at tv work? I’m going to write? Travel? Further study? Yet again what else?), I know thanks to my internship that a function as editor-in-Chief me at all the end seems. But before I get to my dream job looking go, I’m going to explore Australia from november first – what you ë here by then surely more will read!


for now I give the baton to Laura who loves – – happy to begin with. Since she is just such a rasperfectionist like me, I know that I am the site at her, Jet, Betty, Donna and Esther leave in good hands. But still, I find it extremely unfortunate and I will tonight, after my farewell dinner party, probably do a little tear must blink.

Dear Jet, thank you for the great time and the opportunities you have given me. I have é cht had a blast! Dear readers, thanks for all the great comments and any help. And of course: Dear Laura, much success and pleasure during your internship, the next two months. Forget not to enjoy-it goes way too fast!

 Bye Madelon, hi Laura!
… hi Laura!

Madelon hoped they would be indispensable on the editors, and that is her successful. However, they pass the baton, and I’m the lucky! My name is Laura, and I am an ambitious, indeed perfectionist and, above all, an enthusiastic student.

  for as long as I can remember, I have two passions: writing and dancing. After some detours (read: I first studied exercise therapy Cesar) I found out that I want to make my job of writing. The dream to write a book I have all my life long, but I came there only a year and a half ago behind wants to make my money with that word: happy where I write on a



 Bye Madelon, hi Laura!    
now I am studying English language and culture, a study that at first glance seems totally irrelevant. My internship is so purely for myself, and not for my study. Next year I’m going to have some writing courses and I have to do a master plan that allows me to work on an editorial. If this web or print is going to be, I don’t know yet.

in addition to writing I love dancing, Paper blanks, read book and I would be in the Waterstones, which here is, can attend. I do not, however, because I am living in the heart of Amersfoort with my friend, the cat and my olive tree-the only plant that I have been able to keep alive. I don’t have a green thumb, but on the other hand, can

good cooking.

it’s very cosy on the editors here and I see there already beat that to about two months to go away again. This is already the best summer ever!

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