France: the best picnic spots

In France, the land of les baguettes, the Eiffel Tower and Disneyland, it is always good to stay. In winter ski you up a storm in the mountains, and in summer you bake Tan on the beach. But what you certainly should not forget, is the beautiful nature that France has to offer. That, combined with the summer weather, la douce France makes a perfect country to have a picnic. And that picnic basket you have z ó filled, entirely in French style: what crusty French bread or raisin bread, a few candles figs, grapes, sausages or pat é, a good wine (forget the corkscrew not …) and you’re good to go! Below are the most beautiful and most fun hotspots in a row, find yourself a nice place in the Sun … And enjoy!Noirmoutier Noirmoutier is an island off the French coast, old notorious smugglers. The island is located in the Bay of Bourgnef, just south of the mouth of the Loire. Admiral Tromp occupied the island in 1674, and from the 17th century it was a large supply center of smuggled tobacco, which was argued with English and Dutch ships. Noirmoutier is also called \ ‘ La Belle Hollandaise \ ” because half of the island under the sea level. The island is connected to the Mainland via a bridge and through the Passage du Gois, a road from   4 km

that appears during low tide.

 France: the best picnic spots   France: the best picnic spots

at the foot of the rock of Solutr é rock Solutr é is almost five hundred feet high and rare in the world. If you stick with your picnic basket and – look at the foot of the rock, collect your install without saying enough energy to climb the imposing Boulder, which can in less than an hour. Not suitable for little ones, so much for those who like sports. Tip: take a bottle of Pouilly-Fuiss é with it, this dry white wine finds its origin in this area.Parc des Etangs de Fouchy This beautiful pond park of Fouchy is ten minutes from the city centre of the medieval Troyes, in the heart of the Champagne-Ardenne région. It is the ideal place for hiking and picnicking with the whole family. In this park there is also a zoo for those who love animals and a playground for the little ones. Make sure to visit the Cathedral after the picnic, really a must see.The volcano park in the Auvergne volcanoes are quite unique in Europe, probably not many people know that is located in the heart of France even a number of dormant volcanoes are. The volcanoes listed here are still é n é of the greatest natural wonders in Europe. Over the years, nature is strongly developed: due to many plants feel yourself very close to nature. Who is a lover of history and authenticity, should definitely visit the villages at the foot of the volcanoes.

 France: the best picnic spots   France: the best picnic spots

La Grande Dune du Pilat in La Grande Dune du Pilat, Arcachon, is not just another dune. This dune consists of about sixty million cubic metres of sand is the largest in Europe: no fewer than 105 meters high, 500 metres wide and 2.7 kilometres long on the dune you have a beautiful panorama, with a spectacular view on the Banc d’Arguin: a collection of sand banks, which by the wind and the changes in ebb and flow more and change shape. If you have the dune descends, you come to beautiful places from where you can have a picnic. Tip: get out of the wind, or take a windshield with it, you don’t want to sand on your baguette…Vassivi Lake Vassivi è Lake è re re, which used to be the Maulde-Valley was, is now the largest lake in Limousin, covering an area of more than thousand hectares. Climb the lighthouse for a breathtaking view of the water surface, which constantly changes color. Through the route around the Lake you will discover the beautiful and wild environment, while you relax and enjoy your delicious picnic.

 France: the best picnic spots   France: the best picnic spots

the sources of the Canal du Midi to the Canal du Midi, é n é of the best known channels in France, it is always good to stay. Over it cruising is a feast for the eyes thanks to the many beautiful landscapes with their history. Also the basin of Saint Fahad é ol, that initially was supposed to be the channel of water, is today extremely popular. You can go walking, sunbathing and picnicking. The area has something to offer everyone: whether you’re looking for, or want good action on the water. Tip: visit the gardens of the Canal du Midi with the sparkling waterfalls. This paradisiacal place is located between the pine forest, the trees garden and the English channel. In short: enough places you can avoid all the tourists and good can enjoy nature. While enjoying a tasty baguette and du vin do you have the holiday of a lifetime. Bon voyage!

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