Today wedding Winston and Renate

For Renate is the wedding \ ‘ \ ‘ the icing on the cake. ” Finally, we are the family Gerschtanowitz ” she says beaming Friday in RTL Boulevard. According to her, the party quite a Vale of tears. ” The bridal girls have a rescuekitje \ ‘ \ ‘ with him. I also hope that in the end what smiling people on the picture’s stand. ” At the presenter vultures the jitters by her body. ” It looks a bit earlier when you was little and so \ ‘ n feeling had your birthday. That you knew it so \ ‘ n fun day would be ” , she explains. They can be especially not wait before they dress her to mag. ” I was about to jump in front of the mirror: this afternoon I allowed him almost to! ” Winston went though in May 2009 on his knee ë n for Renate, but the marriage was postponed because they became pregnant.We wish Winston and Renate   a beautiful and loving day!

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