You guys rock!

without mucus and without to blush I can say: you women are the best! Therefore: you guys rock! But I tell you probably nothing new, so what does a man than here, on an online women’s magazine, with a column? Statement I am indeed guilty. My name is Cristian van Dyk (36), father of Lily (7) and partner of Elles (38). As work (read: passion) I try to increase the quality of life through fighting, defensive sports & self defense. And it works. I give among other group classes, workshops, presentations, parties, clinics and priv é training. All this on but é n é way: from physical to mental toughness. You guys rock! I have the editors of asked if I, in the form of a column, may approach you as women. – And – do not be angry because there is still much work to be done. Really, you ladies are great, but it’s just a fact that too little is done to self defense. Too often I hear that you abused, manipulated and be deceived. Too often you camps with uncertainties, overweight, jobs that you don’t get to keep the line, men you and so on. Of course this in life, but I believe that you can do something about myself. Namely: TRAIN! In a rap of me I sing: ” Train, become resilient, before it is too late. You will not believe it, but you know it’s true. ” and ladies, I guarantee you all not only a delicious energy boost, but also a (still) better life. It is so wonderful to express your emotions against a punching bag or at a sparringspartner. It’s a great investment to defend yourself to learn, because you feel after a change in é é n les body and mind, and that you radiate back out out! Scientific training has also been proven that delicious, happy fabrics release. You get so much in return when you are working with your own body. I could mention to tig things delve into the benefits of Martial Arts. I want you so try to inspire through these columns to take action. Do have a trial lesson kickboxing or go with a few girl friends organize self-defense classes. Come to one of our workshops or check é é o  You guys rock! p YouTube to instructional video’s. take matters into their own hands: you won’t regret it. It’s fun, healthy, works by in your mind and brings results in no time! Have I convinced you? Regards, Cristian

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