Januaridip? Not at all!

free days, cozy nights, nice drinks and good food: it is difficult to get underway after such a cozy, busy month as december. January is a little Monday of the months. Right? Not

with these tips!




that december is over, doesn’t mean that it is done with the fun. of course you can light candles all year round, chocolate milk drink and long lingering at the table. Your friends won’t like the year switched, so organize a dinner (or five). Of course, m é t

kersttafel the familiar red garment.


and boy, a little pretend it is still december may best. So bad is it not, in January, to Wham! listen and look forward to you g ê nante

Christmas of 2012.

 Januaridip? not at all!


a good start Clich, but true: you can do a lot to go off to a good start at least. It is perhaps more tantalizing to for normal life starts again to stay in bed with the Christmas special of All You Need is Love, but a cleared House, an empty mailbox and a new agenda works a lot better. Robert save your, of course; He and his people in love with Jet lag do the megabus full after a hard day’s work  
always good. new round, new opportunities
you can at any time in the year changing course, but it has to be good if you have a new, blank year for you. Consider what you would like to do and write it down. Finally make a long journey? A perfect reason to get spending hours on travel sites to surf. To write a novel? The very first sentence is also a start! For yourself start? Why not? You will find that you get there energy as you start to what you want to do (for a long time). Only the anticipation is already reason enough to realize your plans at last.

think of a pleasant moment

Also fine for

If you januaridip is: take a list of things you are happy. This can, of course, your last vacation, but also think of the less great things: a good book, your favorite dish or your bright orange toaster, for all I care. Not only you become happy by making such a list itself, you also have to remind yourself something fun if you behold with sorrow how your Christmas tree, we speak January 20, of misery apart thunders.  
 Januaridip? not at all!
  Tirol? Ibiza!
Although you may have with your head at your skiing holiday is, can be a little looking ahead doesn’t hurt either. Especially now you again each morning with a thick scarf around in pitch darkness to work or college, it is fine to give you somewhere to look forward to. How is that better than with a holiday to a sunny, laid-back destination in the prospect? Because admittedly, december is cozy, but the time of flip flops, cocktails and sand between your toes we prefer also do not have! After you get your holiday with a hefty advance purchase have settled, you immediately set as desktop background in some photos of your destination. So! There you are, in a few months.

you are now back to work, but remember to relax every now and then. To some quiet moments in precisely welding, you will be able to go. This does not mean, of course, that you get that new intern all your tasks but out late, but, for example, that you have in your break even read a book or magazine instead of your email checks. Or that your morning taking the time to have breakfast, instead of in all speed but two slices of cheese between your bread to hurl and to jump on a bicycle. Take it easy! And eh, happy new year!

what about you? Save your January prefer about, or are you going to meet  

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