Sailing girl Laura almost around the world

Laura Dekker: you guys know her yet? About two years ago, the 14-year-old girl wanted nothing more than to sail the world with her sailboat Guppy. Now comes the end of her particular trip getting closer … Laura was born on a boat in the port of Whangarei, New Zealand, during a world trip by her parents. The desire to sail to faraway places has them so not by a stranger. Laura was devoted to her fourteenth to sail the world on her own. It was stated the girl and her parents for crazy, yet decided the sailor the adventure.

 sailing girl Laura almost the world around

Meanwhile the 16-year-old Laura almost é é n year on travel. Expected to arrive at the end of this month on the island of Saint Martin, where they began on January 20, 2011 to her sailing trip around the world. It looks so forward that Laura the title of youngest solo round the world sailor who enter address goes! On her blog loves Laura anyone aware of her experiences. So she let a few days back know: ” I have had a great new year’s Eve. With music, break lights and the Moon and stars were – that a good replacement for the fireworks. ” And yesterday she wrote: ” during the day, begins to seem more and more like a Guppy oven, so I sleep during the day and I’m up at night, what a nice change is with a beautiful moonlit sea and thousands of star to watch. ”

 sailing girl Laura almost the world around

just so and Laura put back in Sardinia. We are wondering how they will find the going to school … what do you think of it that Laura at the age of fourteen, just the sea went up?

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