Meet World’s Worst Mum

American journalist Lenore Skenazy left her nine year old son only go by subway in New York. She wrote a column about and the bomb burst: Lenore got the stamp World’s Worst Mum. Or is a bad mother, Lenore really is open to discussion. But that her education special, there is no doubt about that! The mother of two boys is a strong supporter of a free education and feels there is little for her children, unlike many other parents, frantically to protect. From Thursday 5 January at 22.00 in the new series world’s Worst Mum seen on TLC. In the program is to see how Lenore undermines overprotective parenting practices. This much to the chagrin of the parents in question … Of course we also wanted to know everything about this separate way of educating and so we called with world’s Worst Mum Lenore.

 meet with World's Worst Mum

if we are to believe, we can do our children Lenore somewhat looser later. The American MOM used the term free range kids, as she talks about her upbringing. ” Parents can best what are more relaxed. Your kids are much safer and much more proficiently than culture \ ‘ \ ‘ tells us. ” And with \ ‘ \ ‘ culture mean the special mother everything takes place on the television. ” It is thought that the world is so terrible, by what they see in TV program’s as Law and Order, CSI and terrible things that are called on the news. But the real world is much safer. ” and with that thought left her son of Lenore nine only with the New York subway go. ” I thought, why not? \ ‘ \ ‘ \ ‘ people always say you’re not afraid to let your child walk to school alone? \ ‘ but they will never ask \ ‘ aren’t you afraid to get your child in the back of the car to bring to school? \ ‘ And that while there are 25 times more children dying from a car accident for example, than that they be killed or kidnapped. ” The sausage mum tells that her son now has become close friends with an ex-criminal, who has been sitting a while even in the cell. They have met each other on the metro station and now regularly writing letters to each other. ” He tells my son that he should stay out of a corridor and, above all, must go to school every day. Surely this is beautiful? ”

 meet with World's Worst Mum

according to Lenore we get a totally wrong picture of the world, through programmes like CSI and Law and Order. In it are the often the scary strange men who kidnap, rape and kill a child. Result is that only the street hardly more our children on dare let go. ” One must look at the real life, not fiction programs. a study shows that this mainly acquaintances of children are child molesters: a stepfather, uncle or brother. We think so that our children are safe at home and it all happens on the streets. Not so, ” said Lenore. Finally, Lenore one last tip to all She-Mama’s: ” let your children even know what more freely. How you do that? You leave the House and take your mobile not qualify. If there are, then they may not call what you. In this way they take their own decision and that’s d é step to independence. ” Curious about the special education of Lenore? Thursday 5 January is at 22.00 is the first episode to see world’s Worst Mum on TLC. In the first episode we follow Polina that her 10-year-old son not to cycling and a knife to use. A week later we see two parents that their 20-year-old daughter did not travel by public transport.What do you think about this way of educating? Bizarre or a good way? And how free will you let your child (ren)?

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