ZeMama: Diabolical practices

shops seem to have the same effect on children as a football match on men: the ideal reason get mutiny. In every child is a little devil that only pops up when it suits his parents very bad.

Previously I looked these parents always very insistent to, as if I wanted to force them with my look to keep their child in line, like I wanted to indoctrinate them with my contempt. Nowadays it is different. Since I myself right mother, I have deep respect for those who manage to sto ï tax for to keep looking and nowhere to respond, how long the screech also persists. That is the only remedy and also the only thing  
justified. Help!


I am unfortunately not so \ ‘ n Hooker. Educational responsible, my ass! I like mine sorts, mixing me rotten misbehave in a busy supermarket. I’ve time on so pull out all the stops where Supernanny Jo a deep frown wrinkle of between her strict eyes would get. Of course it helps make any sense, but the air so delicious on. because nothing is as bad as that staring and disapproving glances all around you. No, wait. There is still something worse: people who want to help    

\ ‘ \ ‘.

 ZeMama: demonic practices


E é n, two, three ë nhalf …

, three. .. So there was that time that my son did not like I get him out of the play corner came. First I tried it even friendly: ” come boy, it’s time. ” When admonishing: ” now you go really with it, m. ” And then threatening: ” If you’re not going to call, I’ll give you punishment! ” There followed a gigantic sc è ne. finally picked up all power on and I got it from snoerde him in his buggy, where he immediately tried to struggle. By now I was such outside sentences that I him half out of his buggy, with his legs hanging over the floor dragging, to checkout have dragged. And then stood there so
that woman.   battle
” Oh, boy. You need as crying? ” , she asked bland
Cry  .? CRYING?! This was a form of tympanostomy terror that easily could compete with Mariah Carey. And that stupid man took pity on him? With h é m? And I


” do you not notice that undermines my authority? ” , I fumed you red-faced and with bulging eyes. ” As my son misbehaves, he hears ndacht no á to get á! And certainly not from you! ” The poor man crept of misery almost in her shopping cart. To this day, I have a little regret.  
 ZeMama: demonic practices


to find the answer to the nagging question \ ‘ why change My kids always In little devils In supermarkets? \ ‘ (hereinafter referred to as WVMKAIKDIS), I have endeavored to move me in the world of a child. Imagine my surprise and what? Almost immediately I saw the answer appear as a bright vision for my mind’s eye. It was even three fold: Entertainment. Small chance of being caught. Bonus. Below I will explain that, seen from the perspective of  

a child.   Entertainment
Where I meet so many audience as elsewhere in a supermarket? E é n gil and I have all the attention! People run itself massively to compassionately, shaking their heads, stare at me to. For some extra public I throw there all bad words against it that I know of: ” Hussein! Crazy monkey! Flap Turd! ” -If you hear echoes in The also so delicious so \ ‘ n large space. ” Duffer! Sailor! Naughty Pecker! ” Old farts stop and give me a sermon. Or even more fun: they give my mother a sermon. That did not need to try something í j z earlier though. They were pulled from the store to their ears! O, Yes! And then those men who think they are fun with jokes as: \ ‘ The duct tape is in the fourth row though! HA! HA! HA! \ ‘. You should see my mother, the steam comes out of her ears!


 ZeMama: demonic practices
How Small chance of being caught between her teeth more binding mama hisses that I get penalty if I’m not behave, the harder I screech. I’m already three and I appreciate that there is no supermarket in the naughty spot. No mat where I has to be for punishment or a corner where I should stand a minute thinking about my bad behavior. Admit, than you á á g vr there anyway just to? So I test one more time my maximum volume, kick once again against that pile of cans and flings another grab cookies against the ground. They can make me nothing!

‘m not saying you have it from me, but there are parents who are trying to buy. They have about everything. Talk to a high, sweet voice. Beg. Promises, such as a present. All about the shame to stop. So why would I not do some more stretching their limits? With a little luck I keep there a toy to on, or a lollipop. Of course, I take no pleasure with it. I go through until the Grand Prize: those Lego Dragon where I’ve put my sentences for months  


Mummy decision.:


and now again from parent to parent. I think I’ve found the solution to problem WVMKAIKDIS. It’s so ingenious in its simplicity that I can save my head for me that I haven’t figured out. As always, the answer is that many times shorter than the question: LJKGT.

: let your Children at home either.

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