10 x: summer accessories

We have the past weeks already may taste a little of summer, but now we’re really ready for it! The summer dresses and shortjes are ready, but what could be more fun than these outfits to combine with beautiful accessories? Wonderful, that heat on your body. Female Netherlands has long been waiting for the day they months the dresses, skirts and short shorts was allowed to get out of the closet again. And now it is so far! Of course, matching outfits in this summer hear summer accessories. It is therefore high time for some inspiration for you!

95Armband Sieraden4Life € € 39, Ettika Bracelet


Belt Beehive Collection 47Harige € 11, Tommy Hilfiger belt with Tiger print

€ 34,96

Hat Beehive Collection €

€ 14, 97Pet Tommy Hilfiger 17,46

Flip-flop Beehive Collection € 24,  

97Teenslipper €   25, 00 Havaianas

Bag 95Pieces Bag € € 54, Sacha 24.95


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