RevitaLash Eyelash serum

do you have short, thin and light eyelashes and lubricate your you thereby rot to mascara? Who knows is Revitalash a godsend for you! RevitaLash is the most favorite care product for longer, fuller and thicker looking lashes.

 Revitalash eyelash serum

the product promises even that your lashes look fuller and thicker within twelve weeks. Sounds good, right? RevitaLash is developed by an American ophthalmologist, as gifts for his wife, who was recovering from breast cancer. Chemotherapy had damaged her eyelashes ë n, making them brittle, thin and had become less full. After intensive research developed the ophthalmologist, in collaboration with a talented group of cosmetic scientists, a product that actually gave a visible improvement to the lashes of his wife.Instructions for use: apply the eyelash serum daily to bedtime (remove contact lenses, if necessary). Apply a very small amount in to the base of the eyelashes. Use Revitalash é not more frequently than once a day and consistently é ied honor day, at least 12 weeks, for optimal results. After 12 weeks is sufficient ‘ maintenance ‘ and you can still use three to four times a week Revitalash to retain your fuller lashes. RevitaLash is available in two different formats and costs € 74,95 for 2.0 ml (for 2-3 months of use) and € 104,95 for 3.5 milliliters (for 4-6 months of use). RevitaLash is on sale at different perfumery ë n, beauty salons and hairdressing salons. For more information on the site.

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