Relax in the sauna

the sauna is the perfect place to chat with girl friends or simply to take time for yourself. A day sauna provides relaxation, your body feels catered to and it’s healthy too. Need I say more?

The saunas you have several types of saunas. the best known is the Finnish sauna, this is a wooden log cabin where the temperature is on can run up to ninety degrees. That is so heavily sweating! But sweating is exactly the purpose of the sauna. In this way, you lose all your waste and your skin cleansed. Better can’t, right? The Turkish sauna is known to many people. This sauna is filled with steam and smells like a spice mixture. This is right in this snotneuzen season extra important: the steam has a good effect on your respiratory system and thereby goes against colds. There are two types of light   saunas. In the first light sauna, use is made of four different colours of light which alternate. These colors all have a therapeutic effect on the body. Blue is a cool color, it calms and relaxes. Yellow is the color of happiness and cheerfulness and this color also helps in removing waste products from the body. Red is exciting and has a positive effect on the heart and circulatory system. Green be ï affects the lungs and Airways. Often the colors in the sauna combined with relaxing music and delicious smells. The second light sauna is the infrared sauna. You have a little too fanatical workout? Infrared lamps help penetrate your whole body and aching muscles.

other facilities In the sauna is much more to do than the sauna only. It is important to heat and cold to alternate with each other, after the sauna you have so here is cool. Real diehards in the plunge pool: a small swimming pool with ice cold water. It requires maybe some courage to go here, but the feeling afterwards is fantastic. Shows a plunge pool to something extreme? You can also just take a cold shower. The sauna is all about rest and relaxation, so there is of course also a hot tub. Some saunas have even warm herbal baths where you can relax. You can swim in the pool or pamper your feet with a foot bath. For an overview of the sauna’s in Netherlands and Belgium ë with their facilities, please visit

Nude that you must walk around naked in the sauna, scares many people off a bit. Finally, is not everyone waiting on passing hang tits, Charanjit drill buttocks and shriveled. Even more frightening is the fact that you are naked and so can be viewed by anyone. But believe me, you may feel uncomfortable half an hour, then you are already used to. In addition, there is no better place to remember to give a boost to your self-confidence. After a day of sauna you can say with certainty that no one has a perfect body. Except that naked gives a sense of freedom, there is also a practical reason for that. Swimwear in the sauna is very onhygi ë nisch because the Terry cloth sweat it takes, this sweat then comes in the water of the swimming pool or Jacuzzi visit. In addition, the substance is not always against the hot temperatures. You can find all that nude a bit too much of a good thing? Many saunas also have every now and then a badkledingdag. Another possibility is the women’s day. On this day, men are not allowed in the sauna.

what do you take? Well, you decided to take the step and goes first to the sauna. What take you all along? A fairly large towel is highly recommended. Here you can sit or lie in the sauna. This towel will be very wet in the course of the day, therefore we recommend you also take a smaller end towel to dry off. The restaurant has a bathrobe compulsory. Moreover, it is also pleasant to be able to draw something about it so you don’t get stark naked from the sauna to the hot tub runs. You can take the slippers hygi ë ne. Finally you can still stop me douchecr è shampoo or in your bag, but in virtually all saunas can be used free of charge. Often there is also salt scrub present so you all the dead skin cells of your body can exfoliate. Result: a soft baby skin care.Will you ever

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