I don’t settle for less

Within é é n week I of no less than four people been told that I am too critical when it comes to men. Enough I would really now once and for all-always-that this is not the case … of course I have my preferences. Of course I have my dream man fully thought out, including family, background, appearance, character properties, and job. Of course I can describe my ideal man in detail. What woman can’t do that? But even though a man to all my desires, my wildest dreams, my ultimate fantasy, there is only é é n thing to do my heart beat faster and my vision to fully kick: chemistry.

 I don't settle for less  I don't settle for less

anyone who knows me personally knows who my three EXEs are, and that they all were no ideal candidate. No hard feelings at all, to none of the three, but fair is fair: I have myself made easy. Not a dream situations, no critical choices, no laundry list of requirements that had to be met, no heavy victory actions they have had to endure (though …). But they did have one thing in common and that was all é é chemistry. Appeal, The Feeling, jitters, a spark. That one feel that your eyes does rays. That feeling that you prefer crawls under the covers all day and you separate yourself from the rest of the world together. A piece of tension, suspense, curiosity, desire and that convincing ‘ Yes, this is it ‘. And that, dear people, happens to me just not often. I know that it’s there, I know the feeling and I don’t do it for less. I don’t fucking settle for less. Even if that means I’m still single in ten years. And of course there are factors that can still work despite the chemistry works and sometimes something not against, but that one important detail is the only necessary when it comes to love. Without chemistry no relationship. You can have such a beautiful smile, still such a good job, you can still so unassuming: If there is no spark skip, then it just keeps on. Yes. So is it and no different.

 I don't settle for less  I don't settle for less

and if the chemistry is good, Yes, we look as if he humor. And if he is intelligent. If he is fair and open, discreet, equitable, social, open-minded, creative, warm, entrepreneurial, spontaneous and faithful. And whether his family is fun and what background he has. What are standards and values are, how he in life. If he is single to long enough to start something new. In which sector he is employed, what his ambitions are, where he dreams of, if he loves a party, or he’s cute friends has, what music he listens and if he is a bit intellectual. Or he has self-knowledge and open to others ‘ opinions, beliefs, way of thinking and choices. Or he can cook. Or he is just such a life as I do. If he has a sense of responsibility and its own bounds. And-not unimportant-whether he feels the same for me if I … to him ladies, what factors are important for you before you

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