Dear Liza: tonight on NL3

” Dear Liza. My husband sits alone but to other women to look. ” Netherlands is another comedy richer! Dear Liza, including Gijs Naber and Isa Hoes, tonight will experience her grande premi è re. Expectations are high! ” Dear Liza. My husband sits alone but to other women to look. ” it’s only é n é of the problems where Mark (Gijs Naber), football journalist at a sports magazine, have to deal with if he loses his job and reach the women’s magazine Liza. Here he gets the grateful task to readers questions in the section \ ‘ Dear Liza \ ‘. A task in which he answered the questions quite often sees be in his private life é. Each episode runs a reader for which the problem of ‘ Liza ‘ a solution to look. If Marks friend Suus (Elisa Beuger) é doubt their relationship goes n If Marks best friend Rob (Abel Nienhuis) is getting married with Suus ‘ best friend Karin (Loes haverkort), it will surprise no one that Mark with a lot of problems to deal with. Problems that cause the modern man/woman relationships be taken comically on the heel.

 dear Liza: tonight on NL3

In the first episode, which airs tonight, we see how Mark is fired and its degradation to keep secret for its surroundings. This is no easy task. é Be to dear Liza clich s not avoided: a bitchy Editor (played by Isa Hoes) and a finicky little women editors on which a lot of cackling editors around. Nevertheless, Dear Liza a cheerful feelgood series that delicious wegkijkt, with good acting and humor, where the differences between the female and the male gender be made clear again.Dear Liza is starting tonight to see ten weeks from 21: 25 on Netherlands 3.

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