Make upmissers that you do seem older

there comes a time when a compliment is that you look younger is estimated – ai, the rock-hard truth. And beautiful makeup can certainly lend a hand to help. Only with this makeup dont’s   there will be no miracles are done…   all We don’t stay forever young. And as long as the source of eternal youth has not been found, we remain busy with doping. Anti-rimpelcr è knife, moisturizers and a lick of makeup here and there; We women are happened! What you especially should not do if you have some years of your age would eat sweets? Well this!

 Make-upmissers that you get older do seem

  the mask effect Foundation can be your best friend if you have the ‘ proud ‘ own a uneven skin. Spots disappear when the snow in the Sun and your skin looks radiant. Or well, not always. You know that horror pictures of the spray tan still fails that we showed you a while back. The same thing happens if you kwakt on your face t é much foundation. As a result, it is right on that you have something to hide. And the stuff comes up into your deepest grooves go, which gives you that strangely enough wrinkles just more stressed. If you can not without foundation é cht, lubricating it only where it is really needed. It is much better to invest in a tinted anti-rimpelcr è me. So are you sure you never walk around with a mask.   ideal for red spots and dark circles with Concealer to mask: concealer. As a result, these crayons often also what yellowish in color. That takes away the redness away. But by those contrasting color concealer is not suitable to use for other purposes. Some women use it even all over their face! Your skin goes there-very logical-yellow look, so it’s tired-looking. Tired means old and we want to well not. Use only so at red spots and a little bit in your eyes. Finally a few drops foundation over it to hide the yellow color! To   dark lipstick on your lips A bright color attracts attention. It gives your face a fresh look and makes the image off. Only when you have your mouth deep dark purple or even black felt-tip pen, other dark spots on your face also emphasized. And so also those dark bags under your eyes or the brown pigment spots on your cheeks. In addition, a dark lipstick sure your lips seem smaller: making you look old again. To make your lips look bigger you can optically a highlighter on the edge of your upper lip.

 Make-upmissers that you get older do seem Poederdoos

  as a young teenager you probably had ever suffered from a shiny forehead or a shiny nose. A little powder over it and you saw nothing more of it. But the older we get, the cock is our skin. And if you powder stays true, causes sure you novice lines extra good looks. Let the powder box not just because a young skin reflects the light. A little shine makes you so right a few years younger!   black eyeliner just as the lipstick, also makes a black eyeliner you face very hard. A line above your eyes makes you look more open, so choose therefore for a Brown variant. It is also smart to your eyeliner-as you get older-with a tassel what to fade. So blend it with your eye shadow and it looks not too tight from.   Mascara under your eyes what a fussing, but after forty cotton swabs have you succeeded in your lower lashes to colors also. Well, let all that work but are because it makes you get older. It draws the attention to your dark circles and ensures that your eyes look smaller. Ai!

 Make-upmissers that you get older do seem

  Dark eyebrows Yes it is the trend on the catwalks: dark bushy eyebrows. But if you want to see, you can look younger, you’d better not to cart. The color of your eyebrows fades as you get older. So a brow powder or pencil is soon too heavy. Use only a fixing gel in order to keep in shape and epilation only the hairs that are needed.   Brown eye shadow an eyeshadow shade that at suit your skin tone, makes for a fresh look. Even though you’re an autumn type and are dark colors you very nice, be careful with brown eye shadow. This usually has a red undertone that will make you look a little truck driver looks. And tired. Thereby you see there again are out! Leighann..! A little white in your inner eye corners will give you an open look and light grey or a nude shade makes you look years younger.   Finishing touch: the blush a blush to shaping your face so to speak. It makes you Baker hamster cheeks narrower and it is healthy, such a rosy colour. You get older, it is important to make you blush not to forget, because the elevator also right. And that is what you want if everything already starts to hang … Choose a peachy color instead of a bright pink, otherwise you just on a Barbie doll!   Which make you go uptips  

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