Shocking: fat pills swallow to arrive

thin is out, walking around with a thick bips is now the trend. Nja, especially in India they run hot for. Buy women even special pills to their appetite to incite and to arrive as pounds. To the life-threatening to it…   Fat pills are the conscious non-diet pills called. In India you can get them on every street corner, according to Daily Mail. Even though it is the very purpose of the medication altogether something else, Indian women swallow them to arrive.

 Shocking: fat pills swallow to arrive

  Curves of Bollywoodactrices by medications as is their appetite to swallow and Practin Betnesol. More food means more weight and with a buddy voluptuous you hear there at all when in the country. The reason? The famous curves of Bollywoodactrices.   And especially Bollywoodster the full forms of Aishwarya Rai. She is é é of the biggest sources of inspiration for women in India to arrive. They came after her pregnancy but not off of her extra pounds. Where very pregnant in no time again in Hollywood buddy 34 on the red carpet is spotted, praised for her right now is Aishwarya fuller body.  

 Shocking: fat pills swallow to arrive  Shocking: fat pills swallow to arrive
Bollywoodster Aishwarya Rai before and after  

a new ideal of beauty a new ideal of beauty is born. Fans of the actress to her task as Indian star find it healthy to see and would like to see that they would lose weight. Meanwhile there are younger girls working as to look like Aishwarya and her female Bollywoodcollega’s. they have anything there just to look so feminine and full of. So swallow them peace of mind knowing a whole dose pills for. Doctors warn of the danger that this trend entails. Through the use of fat pills, women can get many physical symptoms. Liver problems, kidney damage, hallucination and you can even have low vision be’s. Not to mention the discomfort you are experiencing if you are overweight.

  A totally different end than the thigh gap trend, but just as bizarre. Experts find it dangerous that celebrities have such a big influence on young girls with their body. And so do we.   what do you think about this fat trend? Disturbing or just a breath of fresh air after all the skinny body trends?

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