6 tips to avoid bad breath

Sure you brush your teeth twice a day. But if you want to, this is a good breath or enough? Please err on the side of – especially for that special date! We give you tips for a breathtaking breath!


Nothing is a bigger letdown than someone who is out of his or her giecheltje stinks. Of course, you want to always good out of your mouth smell, but especially at key moments would you like to be assured of a good breath. For example during a job interview, which date with that oh so nice man, during that important presentation at work: you name it!


 6 tips to prevent bad breath
did you know that bad breath is something which is certainly not at a few prevents? 50 to 60% of the Dutch has ever suffer from bad breath. Oops! 15% has suffered from a chronic form of bad breath; halitosis. In 90% of cases the bad breath by ë n soil bacteria in the oral cavity (not from the stomach as many think). These soil bacteria produce smelly sulphur gases ë n; anyone can so sometimes suffer from smelly breath. But often you know this not because more than 90% of the people the one with bad breath do not dare to confront

… Ai!

To prevent bad breath, you can do the following things to prevent


, stock and sole shine in addition to Flossing twice a day shine, it is important to FLOSS every day. While brushing you can’t come between all the chinks with your toothbrush. With toothpicks or FLOSS to get here though. It is best to do this at night before bed, so you have a perfectly cleaned teeth eight hours long. Also don’t forget to brush your tongue if you are severely affected by tongue batter, often nesting soil bacteria on ë n   on  

of your tongue. the mucus  6 tips to prevent bad breath

2. Dentist é é
make sure you at least once a year to the dentist or some sites that offer mondhygi ë goes. Even though you have no problems of, such an annual MOT is required. In particular, for example, if you have Tartar, you need your teeth regularly intensively by the dentist cleaned.



power supply not only for your figure and your health it is important to eat healthy. Also for your breath! Make sure you eat high fiber, healthy and varied to prevent bad breath.  


Where chewing gum and Peppermint rinse just the smell masking, picks up the problem at the core to CB12 oral care means. Coil é é n to twice a day after brushing a half to é é n minute. CB12 works to twelve hours long and offers you certainty about your breath. The product (which stands for ‘ Controlled Breath for 12 hours ‘) works directly. It even has recently won in the category drugstore Award 2012 oral care! The oral care means has a mint-/mentholsmaak and is available in two variants: with the Blue cap and CB12 CB12 mild with the Green Cap. The variants are equally effective, but CB12 mild has a milder flavor. The variants are also available as handy mini packaging (50 ml) for in the handbag or on trip. Did you know that CB12 is advised by dentists and mondhygi ë its protagonists? It is available at the pharmacy, drugstore and online.   5. Test your breath or ask a good known

the bad thing of a bad breath is that you often have not. Try the simple self-test, located here. Another effective way to control your breath is by someone else to ask. Question it for instance to your lover or family; someone you trust  
. 6. Drink lots of water and milk
bad breath is frequently caused by a deficiency of moisture. So drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day. Dairy has a neutralizing capacity, drink this so

also regularly.


What are you doing to prevent bad breath? Do you have any tips?

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