A broken heart can cause hair loss (severe)

it will happen: the one on the other day your hair falls out. At first you think that it is temporary and that you get that full head or back. But then you also see bald spots appear. Possible cause? A broken heart. You are a young mother of a toddler and a 5 month old baby and your man leaves you. That’s been a slap in your face, so even more è re wrong is you don’t have to wait. And yet you side on if you discover that your beautiful, thick, shoulder-length hair begins to fall out. Its the first time a few picking, soon spot you é cht bald spots on your head. It happened to the English Rachel Brown, according to Daily Mail. broken heart After Rachels husband left her, she was so sad that they hardly slept and could barely eat. At the same time, her hair fell out. Not that her é é n times figured out they changed lives pattern with the failure of her hair had to do, so they went to a hair salon to have it done. The hairdresser did not know what to start and pulled Rachel’s – – her hands literally off of disgust, which Rachel but her family physician referred her to a dermatologist, who visited. His conclusion? Hair loss by the stress of her broken heart. Now, 16 years later, is Rachel again fortunate to have a man. Or they will earn her full head again? Unfortunately not. The thin, pathetic hair from just after her failed marriage is still on her head.

 a broken heart can cause hair loss (serious)

Cause hair loss so well, you can get through the stress that results in a broken heart. But how does this work exactly? Bessam Farjo, hair transplant surgeon Dr.: ” when we stress, produces our brain neurotransmitters (substances that transmit nerve impulses). That can cause the hormone and immune system reactions within which impact on your hair follicles. The more heartache you have, the more neurotransmitters are produced there. This, in combination with or you predisposed to have, can affect the growth of your hair. ” an example of hormones that can be triggered by neurotransmitters are androgens, which can cause a condition called ‘ Alopecia androgenica ‘. Here is your hair on your entire head thinned out, especially on top of your head. Is your immune system by neurotransmitters triggered, then this may lead to ‘ Alopecia areata ‘, a condition in which white cells, which normally fight infection, your hair follicles attacks. This causes bald spots on your entire skull and can eventually lead to total baldness.More slachtoffersRachel is not the only one to have had significant hair loss after the stress by her broken heart. Also Kristen Stewart has been around the break with Robert Pattinson spotted with bald patches on her head. In addition, a broken heart does not automatically means that you lost the love of your life. Also losing a loved one can cause enough stress to your hair loss. This happened at the 48-year-old Kate (above on the photo) when her brother died twenty years back. She was alone, unlike Rachel, completely bald, until her eyebrows to it. Kate will probably get likewise no thick flame shoulder more, though it seemed that rather different when her hair grew again suddenly. Unfortunately that was short lived.OplossingVoor who (partly) by the bare life must, there are, how annoying also, solutions. You can gain you a hat or a wig, extensions put head. Another method is the so-called ‘ Intralace System ‘. It is in places with little or no hair gauze applied, where the hair is pulled through it, that there is still is. Then there is her braided. It feels finer than extensions, because they exert more pressure on the hair that you have left. Duration is putting her with the Intralace System, but according to Rachel, who can live without it, it is worth every penny, ” I now have my confidence back. ” have you ever had a broken heart when you had hair loss?

source image: Daily Mail and Perthshire Picture Agency

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