Fun things to do with your parents

your parents are the greatest treasures of the world. Except for the umpteenth time on Sunday when they get to you sleep. You would rather do something than to stick around on the couch. But what can you do? With your parents the sauna in diving or an afternoon of shopping: no, thanks. Apart from the fact that you’re not exactly want to see Gautham papslief poedeltjenaakt-and-exceptions-is it so pathetic to shop in, shop from the pension money from your parents to hunt through them to a new wardrobe. What you can do with your ouwelui? We help you a little way on the way with some ideas.Attend a match they are huge fan of Ajax? Or they run hot for the National Championships for golf/cricket/water polo? Take them to a match.Go to a concert or they now hard rock’s classic or keep’s, there is always something on the agenda if it arrives at concerts.Night laugh We call a Herman Finkers, Youp van ‘t Hek \ and Tineke Schouten. That golden oldie comedians of the past. Keep there you probably ouwelui of.

 fun things to do with your parents

to film In Dutch cinemas nowadays turning them one after the other fun family film. Certainly around Sinterklaas and Christmas. Tip: go to an unknown cinema where you always hear that he is quite nice. Nieuwegein and Ede are an absolute must!Good food in a barbequerestaurant look, that father loves you so much of a hamburgertje of the barbecue. Take him and you Tejas to an indoor barbecue restaurant. Very cozy.A walk on the beach and a little fish even though the Sun disappeared, a walk on the beach doesn’t always good. Especially with a little fish and hot chocolate afterwards.Visit to the brewery/wine tasting Wine-bierliefhebbende parents get here or on a rainy Sunday sure on.Go old-fashioned bowling fun for on Friday night and a good competitive game keeps the atmosphere inside it.Good cook more get the gourmet set once of attic and save tasty vleesjes and sauces used to play Old games you play in.   Ludo and Monopoly. What do you pay attention to it now again?Go to the flea market or a flea market or the IJhalen in Amsterdam. There is always something going on somewhere in Netherlands in the field of clutter and odds and ends.  Falls boat trip the weather is not so against? Go on the water. bottle of wine with it, toasts and a throbbing motor boat.A cruise through Amsterdam or Utrecht educative and also what do you do while you’re: culture. Keep parents now once of.Go Nordic Walking Line a few used canes, dotted a beautiful herfsroute out in the Woods and go well hiking.Go discover an unknown city have never been to Maastricht? No idea how Leeuwarden looks like? Take your parents and tear in your little car to a city still unknown to you.Draw a weekend to Antwerp if you have the time, go a little longer than a weekend to Antwerp. Visit the Antwerp Zoo, go a little shops check out the Macdonald and do you too well to all the delicious Belgian delights (chocolate, waffles, French fries…)Trapped Artis Artis was in Grandma age (read: the century where your parents were growing up) d é Zoo interest that you had to. Fun to put them back once entertaining, right?Visit a museum, the Rijksmuseum, the Groninger museum, you name it. no matter which museum.Go to a comedycafe Discover new talent while enjoying a hearty drink. Laughter!Forget Madame Tussaud not pictured with wax remains fun for young and old.Donkey ride on the Veluwe Delicious slow on a donkey ride through the beautiful area de Veluwe. How cute?

 fun things to do with your parents

Course pancakes Or pies. Or muffins. Or anything else you enjoy, such as parents or marzipan nougat.Go steppes in the city are your parents still good Walker? Rent a few steppes and explore your own city per step. An afternoon on a Segway (electrical step) is also very nice!Make a walk through Delft Also cities like Leiden and the Hague are perfect for a city walk you home Look old movies used to be Looked  . always go to movies as Sissi? Get those golden oldies movies of attic or borrow them at the video store (Yes, those exist yet).   do a getaway what you used to be always did if you as a child used to always go to the Petting Zoo or you guys always do pancakes, baked on Friday that now once again. Nice to reminisce!Pick wild berries/nuts in the forest In the autumn, nature has an overload of ingredients ë who you can use for pies or soups. There are also free and Chase from your parents.Go a weekend camping Again, you have some more time and lets you survive three days with your parents in a tent? Rent or borrow the bungalow tent of neighbors and visit the campsite of the past once again!Visit the Waddenleiden island hopping they call it but you can also just by ferry from island to mainland to another island.   go to a dinnershowDinner and a show, do we need to say more?Buy a day return ticket a day trains unlimited by Netherlands and go have lunch and in one city in the other city evening out to dinner. \   Brunch somewhere very luxury In the fanciest restaurant whatever you can find. May for once, right?Enjoy the opera for é n times é do you even know what your parents like to. é é N then for sometime.Or the circus Is a circus in the turn? Let yourself be entertained by clowns, wild animals and the beautiful arts of acrobats. Success night guaranteed.Go hiking in a beautiful city park and take a nice cup of coffee on a heated terrace.Visit the Keukenhof   Good the tourist in own country hang out.Or go to a trade show how about the huishoudbeurs, the fifty plus fair or the Kamasutrabeurs? The latter is optional. Only for the daredevils among the parents.What do you like to

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