DIY: Christmas balls for in the tree

a Christmas tree with no balls is like a woman without chocolate. But those worn out gold Action-variants of last year brighten the Baird not on. However can? With this DIY’s to make your tree a (Christmas) party! The life depends on DIY’s to each other, so also just before Christmas we go of course to get started. And outside the street full of lies with Brown sneeuwdrap, we go in to the warm choclademelk with whipped cream (and forward, still the last leftover chocolate pepernoten) fine crafts and writing novels. as far as we are concerned they can   the tree in. Literally.

just natural  DIY: Christmas balls for in the tree  DIY: Christmas balls for in the tree those green Christmas tree, of course, keep your organic, fair-trade and green to responsibly as possible by him hung with a piece of private nature. Collect pine cones in the Woods during a walk and spray glitter spray on beautiful autumn leaves. Also branches with red berries and chestnuts are ideal for hanging in the tree.A kerstcadeautje    DIY: Christmas balls for in the tree you do not immediately throw away old Christmas balls. Cut an old t-shirt or score broken some nice patches on the market. Wrap it like above picture to a Christmas ball back and make it all off with Christmas twigs and hang’m on with a beautiful glitter Ribbon.Music is my life  DIY: Christmas balls for in the tree  DIY: Christmas balls for in the tree Cd’s, which do you use for years. Or well, at least not that broken singles. Collect them all and cut them into small pieces. Finish the discount store clear Christmas balls and decorate them in a nice moza ï ek pattern with the CD-pieces. Piano lessons book about of an old sheet music yet? There’s a nice butterfly or a heart cut out and hang’m with rope in your tree. Verrry nice for the musical readers. Snared and decorated  DIY: Christmas balls for in the tree At any hobby shop you can buy styrofoam balls from small to huge. Decorate this with glitter, paint or wrap-as in the picture-a colorful ribbon around it. The balls get finally stuck with an old-fashioned piece of rope, but a parenthesis is also possible. You can buy with this los HEMA.To eat  DIY: Christmas balls for in the tree  DIY: Christmas balls for in the tree are you a big Sai and should this is best reflected in your Christmas tree? Then go to work with good old cookies shapes. You could cover them with a nice piece of wallpaper or paper or an old picture of you and your lover. You can hardly get more personal. Or you make such as on the example glittercupcakes for fun the most tasty balls (uh …) you’ll ever see!Made with love  DIY: Christmas balls for in the tree for all readers who have some more free time, these wooden presents also a lot of fun to make yourself. Buy thin, flexible wood at the hardware store (or see the bulky waste to old planks) and saw out a gift form with a jigsaw. You can let them so or fun dyeing and decorating. Also very nice for your nephew, girl next door or your kids to do.Knitting and sewing  DIY: Christmas balls for in the tree  DIY: Christmas balls for in the tree as a knitting needle you are not strange and you do have an embroidery design, then these creative balls a bit for you. Find a nice example on internet and knit you a battle in the round. Or you could cover an old Christmas bauble with all kinds of old buttons that you no longer use.   Kinderkarweitje  DIY: Christmas balls for in the tree Get/do you have children over the floor or do you have nothing to do for you care kids/nephew/neighbor children? Cut the bottom of plastic bottles broken. File the rough edges away and let them go totally with paint and glitter. Make a hole at the top with a pair of scissors this \ ‘ \ ‘ Christmas ball and make them stuck in the tree with Ribbon.


What Christmas balls hang in there this year

in your tree?

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