What are gluten and how do you eat gluten free?


seem all of a sudden do to sit. There are more and more people that this protein found in wheat and other cereals containing gluten such as rye, barley, spelt, kamut and often also in  
  not want to eat oats.
That is tricky, because all that wheat or cereals containing gluten in it, contains gluten: bread, crackers, pizza, pasta, breadcrumbs, cakes, couscous, cake and pie. People can have different reasons to eat no gluten. I distinguish two reasons: gluten intolerance, and the fad ‘ I-eat-no-gluten     ‘.
 what are gluten and how do you eat gluten free?

Gluten Intolerance there are people whose intestinal mucosa quite violently reacts to gluten, because the immune system attacks the amino acid gliadin. That amino acid is in gluten. In that case you have celiac disease, or gluten intolerance. For people with celiac disease is even the smallest crumb gluten wrong; they have been suffering from their intestines. Often it takes a while before you find out that you have celiac disease, and is the intestinal wall by this time ge ï rriteerd so that a large part of the intestinal mucosa that nutrients on should take (the bulges that intestinal villi are called) disappeared. Because your gut not enough nutrients can record you get a shortage of nutrients, including vitamins and minerals. For example, a note, however, that this might

growth retardation arise in children.


I myself have a nephew and a niece with celiac disease, for which we always try to completely gluten-free with the family cooking. It is for them as much fun as they can just eat with the rest, and not always ‘ different ‘. This does mean that you need to do a lot of adjustments: each breadcrumb should disappear from your kitchen (or very well be stowed), otherwise your gluten-free creation ‘ infected ‘. Think of cutting boards that you need to clean, packages well butter you’ve already broached with a bread knife and so can’t use it for a gluten-free meal, Bakeware that should be very well so that they do not contain gluten more crops,  


 what are gluten and how do you eat gluten free?


It also provides nice things: my favorite birthday cake was for many years a gluten-free Apple Pie, because that has a delicious crumbly dough thanks to the use of gluten-free flour by Sch Without my niece and ä r. nephew I had never discovered that cake! Meanwhile the chocolate-hazelnut cake (recipe will be online soon!) my new favorite, but fortunately that

also gluten-free.


fad ‘ I-eat-no-gluten ‘
celiac disease is enjoying increasing popularity, with the result that more and more gluten-free products on the market and even in some restaurants you can eat gluten free. That’s a good thing, of course. But the non-eating gluten also seems to be a kind of fad that has spilled over from the United States. For conscious eaters from the us hear ‘ gluten free ‘ diet in the very corner of ‘ organic ‘ and ‘ clean ‘ food, often in combination with a diet that contains as little as possible fast carbohydrates and sugars. For these people, I call them for convenience the gluten free-light group, it is no need to eat gluten free, but a choice. Don’t get me wrong: there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. In fact, it allows correct that there is more gluten-free products are available. The important difference with celiac disease is just that that last really is a medical condition, for which people have to follow a strict diet for their entire lives. The difference between the celiac patients and the fashion-‘ik-eat-no-gluten’-followers lies in the difference between ‘ must ‘ and ‘ want ‘. An important difference!  
 what are gluten and how do you eat gluten free?

thanks to European legislation In the supermarket there is clarity on the standards for gluten-free foods. As manufacturers indicate that a product is gluten free, they must comply with these guidelines. A number of super markets use a proprietary logo to indicate that a private label product gluten free.
  there are products that you do not expect that there are cereals containing gluten, such as wheat or can carry saladedressings    

energy bars: beer marinades sauces were drop bouillon cubes ice   soy sauce meat paprika chips

what you can eat without worrying if you have a gluten-free diet, are products that are naturally gluten-free. Just make sure they are in the rough! Through the supermarket marinated meat can again contain gluten, as well as nuts with a ” jacket ” as drink nuts. Naturally gluten free:   dairy

fruit and vegetables cheese, eggs, fish and meat nuts and seeds legumes

 what are gluten and how do you eat gluten free?
Cooking gluten-free cooking and baking without wheat to use requires some adjustments. Especially in dishes with dough (biscuits, bread, pasta) play an important role because they provide gluten to bind and elasticity. When I make cakes, I use a gluten-free ä meelmix of Sch r, that corn starch, corn flour and carob flour contains. Other flour variants that you can use:

rice flour soybean meal

quinoameel teffmeel tapioca flour buckwheat flour Baking with gluten-free flour types takes some getting used to. It absorbs more moisture than, for example, many types of flour gluten binds the dough é t m, tricky to a ball and a batter is much plakkeriger. Add bread mix with yeast as much therefore at for example a water if you have dry weight of raw materials. Most gluten-free baking and bread mixes already contain binders, but if you’re having pure flour types of work you can for example use guar gum or tapioca starch as bakhulpmiddel.
Recipes would you like to try some yummy gluten free recipes? For example, try these gluten-and lactose-free cranberry cookies   or this vegetable biscuits. Even more gluten free recipes? Which can be found here.This article was written by Hector Foodness.nl. For more healthy é n tasty recipes and information about healthy eating, check out the site!

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