What if you’re not ambitious?


women screaming from the rooftops that we want a top level nowadays, and also the glossy pages are full of articles like 10 tips to climb and you’ll find your dream job!. But … what if you are not at all ambitious?


because to attend anno 2014 you’d rather stays home to care for the children or not higher up would come, is swearing in church. We women should finally power women are! At a rebabe with a private company, we are looking è carri more on than a full-time mother. But what if you prefer daytime Paige schilt for friend sweet and every Monday morning showing a real hell is? According to Drs. R.E.   small, a psychologist at Max Ernst GGZ   is there in today’s society indeed raised the image of women who absolutely everything can and do and therefore should have a flashy carri è re. ” Women must meet many requirements as: the perfect mother and a housewife, a great wife, a divine body, always well groomed and have a thriving carri è re. Women are known that they constantly compare and flip to other women. ”



 what if you're not ambitious?  
Shame Janneke (28) Also compares itself constantly with her girlfriends. She is ashamed for, but they do not dare be that ambitious. ” Where all my girl friends nowadays in thick lease vehicles drive and I live in beautiful houses buy, living on a glorified dorm room. Currently I work three days a week and those three days I find all too much. I never finished my college degree and I know just not what I want. So far I find all the jobs that I have owned, just don’t like é cht. If it is boring, or I have rotcollega’s; you name it. I sure would want more money because it seems to me quite good recreation shopping. But a course of 40 hours in the week? My god, I don’t even want to think. It’s pretty bad, but I secretly hope that my friend quickly kids will. For me the ideal excuse to full time to sit at home and for our child to ensure … ” Psychologist small: ” when you notice that as a woman you know as opposed to your girlfriends are not as driven to come higher up in your work, can you come upon a sense of shame. This sense of shame is understandable, because you have less good comes into the equation. However, there is nothing   that you have to be ashamed of. Firstly, all women are different and you should especially do, where you yourself happy. If you are in nature and caring home for the children and/or the household sustenance, then there is nothing wrong with it. Evolutionary speaking, it is very similar to the tasks of men and women. ”

 what if you're not ambitious?
Monique (29) works in contrast to Ja w é l full time, however, she finds that they are not ambitious. ” well, especially my area that actually. I work at the same company for years, namely on the same post. For many people that would be reason enough to look further. They see that if a halt, and downtime is according to them decline. They wonder whether or not I want a higher or another function. But no: I’m fine where I am. I don’t have the ambition to take on a managerial role; to me, all those responsible: I don’t have to think about it! I would sit in my head constantly with my work and me wonder if it all work out. In addition, I draw now at 5 pm the door behind me close, executives often sit still until 7 o’clock in the evening behind their desk. Me not seen! Sure would like to, but I do have a higher salary I can come around, am financial autonomy and that’s the main thing for me. I have admiration for women at the top, but for me it’s not to play. ” Stop comparing ” With the social changes of the last century in the West, it is now possible for women to stop being dependent on a man, ” said small. ” But the fact that it is possible, does not mean that you need to follow this blindly. Follow especially what you comfortable with and stop it to yourself at all levels continually compare to other women. Maybe that carri è revrouw against whom you so looks up though no children or a less good bond with her children? It is impossible to in all areas of life to be the perfect woman. A good carri è re, will go at the expense of something else. So make the choices that suit you. There is no right or wrong in may or may not be ambitious. Be proud of the choices you make. And if we then convey that per person, then we can be proud of our various women! ” Are you ambitious?

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