Facebook fitties and Twitter-quarrels between celebrities

Social media are in addition to sharing very interesting information (now showering, readily eat Granola) also places to complain. Celebrities there are also fond of! This delivers delicious and Twitter-Facebook fitties contentions on …


1. Kelly Osbourne vs. Lady Gaga


Kelly Osbourne and Lady Gaga have been around for a while arguing in Twitter-land. After Gaga offered a birthday cake, could appreciate this everything except Kelly. ” I don’t want to be ungrateful, but why would you send me a cake through my mother in a country on the other side of the world? ” said the birthday boy on her Twitter account. They also posted a photo of the cake with the caption: ” StefaniStopIt ” , in which she Gaga’s real name is used. On the other hand, Gaga responded very calmly: ” it was meant as an attempt for peace. Congratulations. ”


 Facebook-and Twitter-fitties quarrels between celebrities
  2. Persistent  
proof also between Amanda Bynes and Rihanna was there a Twitter feud going on. So writes Chris Brown beat Amanda: ” you in each other because you’re ugly. ” ” You see well what happens when such a person does not get professional help? ” , replied Rihanna on this. Which rendered the – virtual – hit Amanda again by saying that she needs professional help. All tweets are subsequently removed, but of course we have persistent evidence.  
 Facebook-and Twitter-fitties quarrels between celebrities

3. Forever Baby


Drake Bell placed a dastardly note to Justin Bieber. So wrote Bieber: ” on writing ” , to which Drake responded ” Yeah right ” . Not much later the Nickelodeon-actor bombarded with haattweets of Beliebers. Pictures of great kitchen knives to bats flew him to the or..ehh.. timeline. Bell responded to this forecast: ” I don’t have much listened to the songs of Justin Bieber, but his songs full of hatred and anger must be because at least that is where Beliebers are full of them. ”

 4. Facebook

to the max or a fittie é chte fittie, or good photo shop work is … we actually think the latter. …  

but, look and enjoy  
 Facebook-and Twitter-fitties quarrels between celebrities
  5. Mariah Carey vs. Nicki Minaj


In the program American Idol dissed Mariah Cary her colleague Nicki Minaj by saying they never had a number one hit on the Billboard hot 100 has had. The Rap Star could not resist to express her frustration on social media. ” What you should do (with your fat ass) is to ask yourself why a woman, who is so successful at her age, still so uncertain, and bitter. ” Followed by a tweet in which she says that Mariah Carey is exchanged for Jennifer Lopez in the program: ” all those number-one hits, and still call the producers JLo. I think a nice personality, self assured and give good criticism is more important anyway. ”  

 Facebook-and Twitter-fitties quarrels between celebrities  sappigst

What do you think is the fittie

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