' it s your turn

” our help is desperately needed there ” , know the kid who barely a few weeks back is from Senegal, where he as a member of the Foundation It’s your turn initiated a number of projects. ” The population in this African country has the heavy. The Government has the fishing rights to large countries like America and Europe sold, fishermen have lost their existences. In the hope of a better future try many of them with small boats to reach the Canary Islands. A perilous expedition. Many survive the trip not be returned, and those who do get. ” To give these people a chance of a good future in own country offers It’s your turn to the local population training and \ ‘ \ ‘ one works on work. ” We want to prepare Kayar on tourist visitors, ” said Mischa. ” Senegal is a beautiful country that is worth a visit, but until then there should be much to be done. There is a lot of poverty and the infrastructure: water supplies, drainage, roads, electricity and so on, is still very limited. This should improve, otherwise it is absolutely never a suitable holiday destination. In addition, most of the inhabitants have no training and they speak English poorly or not. ” For starters, It’s your turn therefore a simple education centre in computer classes and English are taught, where Kayar put down by volunteers of the Foundation. They do this together with people from the area of Kayar. Also announced is the population with hygi ë ne, security and the main Western standards and values. ” Our ultimate goal is that the inhabitants of Kayar in the future tourism can itself running and financially independent ” , says Mischa, who during his stay in Senegal has United Business with pleasure by the youth to give surfing lessons. ” They can benefit from the tourists come over time. ” Who want to get involved, or more information wants to have on the Foundation may visit www.itsyourturn.eu

Natalie Cole-Still Unforgettable

Famous vaderHoe could it be otherwise with jazz legend Nat King Cole as a father. Unfortunately lived Wet like his colleague’s Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin not as healthy. Wet smoked three packs of cigarettes a day, said to keep his voice low, and that resulted in lung cancer. He died in 1965 when Natalie was just fifteen. Natalie went chasing the music in her father. In 1975, she released her first album  Natalie Cole-Still Unforgettable out and they won a Grammy for Best Female R & B Vocal Performance with This Will Be.   Aretha Franklin over the last eight years had won that award was not amused. All hits that Natalie afterwards still scored were R & B, pop, soul and a little jazz-like,

to 1991.they brought the album Anyway

jazzToen Unforgettable …With Love, a tribute to her father. It’s full of covers of classics by her father and she sings the beautiful Unforgettable duet with him. It was a huge success and Natalie   won three Grammy’s with it. Because it’s so \ a fine experience was, wild Natalie one more time do such a thing. She loves music and act nice, but she feels the delicious Christmas as they with a giant big band or Orchestra Music makes. So she dove seventeen years later in   It’s Great American Songbook \ ‘ to the most beautiful classics to find out.

Still UnforgettableOp her new album Still Unforgettable you hear music greats like Frank Sinatra, Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong and Bing Crosby. There are well-known classics, but also numbers that are far less known. The first track of the cd is a duet with her father called Walkin ‘ My Baby Back Home. \ You can imagine yourself at the first showing all the years \ ‘ 50, the time from which the recording of the song by her father comes. It has that wonderful great big band feeling just like Nice ‘n’ Easy. At the same time contains the cd too many songs but close your eyes have to do and you find yourself in a dark, smoky New York jazz club, with all those little tables with lights on it. Why don’t You Do Right (delicious sax-solo), Coffee Time and The Best Is Yet To Come

well-suited for this.

 Natalie Cole-Still Unforgettable romantic dinner?Sometimes Natalie and the band to my taste a little too loose, such as on Sammy Davis Juniors Something’s Gotta Give, but overall it’s a beautiful album. Natalie’s voice sounds fantastic and enchants you fourteen numbers long  . just like the winds and strings and other band members. Exciting big band songs, jazzy nightclubmuziek and romantic songs, this cd has it all. You are sure happy by. Very very suitable also for a romantic dinner with a date, to bring that love in the air!

Difficult tijdenAls you listening to the album and the album cover are watching you wouldn’t say, but Natalie makes a very difficult time. When she sat in the middle of the shooting of Still Unforgettable, she discovered that she has Hepatitis C. Hepatitis C is transmitted through blood and causes an inflammation in the liver, which can lead to liver cancer and liver failure. She thinks itself that it comes by her hero ï neverslaving early years \ ‘ 80. How happy This Will Be also sounds, when Natalie heard it for the first time on the radio, she was en route to pick up ï ne to hero, she recalls. Yet she is by her addiction had a lucky escape and they had it for long and wide left behind until she so discovered she carries Hepatitis C for 25 years. She had no problems by, had a childhood like crazy and felt perfect but that’s different since they get chemotherapy every week. She is nauseated, has hair loss and she is miles’s fallen off (making them now has a runway size, da  Natalie Cole-Still Unforgettable t find them a fine extra.) But happy is to cure the disease and Natalie is convinced that they will recharge. There is also no doubt when you see how great she looks, all for a woman of 58 years!

Tip: as the gingerbread cookies already in the shops are, we might as well all about Christmas are going to start. Do you want this year during Christmas dinner a time to something other than Wham’s Last Christmas and Mariah’s All I Want For Christmas listening, then you definitely have a Christmas cd by Natalie or her father Nat King Cole purchase. Ultimate Christmas feeling guaranteed and it gets stuck to Grandpa and Grandma dancing!

      0643027806127Prijs ColeEAN: Natalie Still Unforgettable: 19.99 euro

Woman pregnant with \ ‘ Bassie \ ‘?

On the showbiz site is to read that Sandra has become pregnant more than eight months ago of the clown, after they had met him after a performance in her hometown


according to Sandra has papa Daly did not respond to its demands and let him hear nothing from itself. She claims now that as soon as the child is born, there is a paternity test is done. They can claim maintenance for her child.

the woman known to ShowbiZnewZ.nl has vague

Bassie but mentioned the stories around the pregnancy \ ‘ \ ‘ nonsense. The clown has been around since 1960, along with his wife, Coby, with whom he has three adult daughters.

another juicy detail: the man from Sandra has meanwhile requested a divorce…

Would you also so curious?

as a reader of a week in October read you in the life of Clara. A special story, in which she writes about the death of her lover. She is convinced that he has been having a heart attack. No detail remains impeccable and it is not surprising that her husband scares if he finds the manuscript. Is he really so boring? Does she really had a relationship with his colleague Leonel Hyde? How to know Clara of his extramarital affair? It brings him to the doubt, makes him grief, but yet he is always so curious that when he picks the writings of Clara. The story is very apparent, poignant and beautifully described by the Chilean Elizabeth Subercaseaux, a descendant of the famous composer Robert Schumann. With a week in October, she has written a novel about marriage, about what spouses know each other and what better can remain secret. A story about passion that is lost, lies and love. But not only Clemente has questions, as a reader you also wonder if Clara the story from her thumb has sucked. The writer knows this perfectly to keep secret until the last page. This will keep you reading, because you of course want to know how it eventually expires. And that, of course, hear a good book! would you also so curious? a week in oktoberSubercaseaux, e. 192 pages

ISBN: 9789045800479 Publisher: Mouria

So you become a Supermom?

In the cheerful-looking booklet How you become a Supermom? tells Vivian Ewbank-Ra, in cooperation with the editors of the magazine, all about mother and Children-are. Really all aspects will offer. So for example, she writes about what it’s like to be pregnant, what a child means for your relationship, but also for your work. Of course a super mother also take time for themselves, but when do you do it and how? The booklet helps you with this. Since mothers don’t have that much time, is how you become a Supermom? no thick reference book become. It is a convenient booklet full of tips, that you relax in the evening picks up. \ The stories are very well written, so it made so read through it. And of course there are the interviews with the famous mothers, such as Irene van de Laar, Isa Hoes, Tanja Jess, leontien van Moorsel and Rossana Kluivert-Lima, that the necessary relaxing experience. How you become a Supermom? is a cheerful ge ï illustrated booklet, making it also an ideal gift for those pregnant friend. During maternity leave she can visit the named sites and the beautiful books, to which the author refers, also read. So you become a Supermom? How you become a Supermom? Vivian Ewbank-Ra 144 pages Publisher: Truth & Dare ISBN: 9789049998929

Piece of latest novel Judith Visser

Judith Visser himself calls

Piece \ ‘ the best book that I have written so far \ ‘. So we expect quite a few of the novel, in which the 16-year-old Elizabeth plays the leading role. This girl is referred to by some classmates bullied in a horrible, but almost invisible way. Her parents are divorced and her mother for a few years has focused entirely on her work paid up. As a result, more and more ï the adolescent touches ge isolated. The only positive to her class is the presence of the wise, handsome Alec. Would love to Elizabeth his girlfriend, but he has already courtship with the beautiful, blonde Riley. It will never be something between them. Or anyway though … The writer pulls you immediately as a reader in the story. You get a lot of feel sorry for the young girl and hopes that all that bullied stops. Unconsciously put the story make you think. And that was also the intention of fisherman. ” I wanted to write a book on the sometimes very serious consequences of bullying. Of course, the drama’s in problem though particularly extreme, but sometimes. In addition, I also wanted to pay attention to anorexia and pro ana websites. On these sites encourage girls at each other to be even more to fall off. They handle and idealize a very left beauty image. ” Put your piece not only thinking. No, this book is a real thriller, in which you sometimes really of fear is the shakiness. And so it should of course. If this is the best book of fisherman is, I dare not to say. I find it hard to compare with this instance Antidote and Tinseltown. But what Piece in any case has in common with her other books, is that you keep reading until you get to the last page are arrived. Now it’s so again wait for the next book, this will then surely the last part of the trilogy are? ” I’m in no hurry with the lock part. Ever will get there, but I think I first write other books. I do not want to force it, but just write where I feel like at that time. That works best for me. Just look at piece. ” Want to read more of Judith Visser, who is here from 28 October is the right choice. From then on will the writer on vrOuw.nl a weblog tracking. piece of Judith Visser's latest novel Visser302 pages StukJudith Publishing House: Library ISBN: 9789022550878

A flat stomach in six weeks?

the washboard diet combines di ë at with workouts. Initially indicative writer David Zinczenko is really on the belly, but for the women he also tackles other theme’s to. For example, slim legs, workouts for mothers and the influence of hormones. He has also designed a training program for after delivery. Sounds great of course, but I ask me right away when I really should get started now. I have the idea that I only dietary advice get in the first hundred pages. Nice of course, but also I know that the metabolism’s night goes through. And what I have info about what fruits and vegetables are carcinogens and which is correct then again very healthy. I do not believe in. As we go through our diet really can prevent we get cancer, then everyone would eat the same anyway? Yet I read through, because I want to be very much like a number of pounds lost. And I am by the interviews with women who have followed the diet, also convinced that that can. But with the page, on which even more is explained, it drops me the courage in the shoes. For that matter you need a hooker so really are and that alone when going through the more than four hundred-page book. That is a minus point, because so many women have no time to read. We just want a brief introduction and description of what we have to do a week. But for those who are really motivated, it is on the half of the book however, all clear. Zinczenko explains clear from what we may eat every day and what exercises to do. You’re not a star in all those training terms like crunches, back extensions and shoulder press. No problem, the book includes clear photo’s of all the exercises. This you can do at home or in the gym. The last I find more comfortable, because then your instructor also a big stick to continue. In addition he on your posture, so you get the exercises also executes well, because that is of course of interest. As far as I am concerned is the washboard diet for women a clear and well written work, whereby you really can lose weight and better in your skin. But you have to be awfully motivated and don’t mind a large number of pages to find discuss first, before you actually can get started. a flat stomach in six weeks? the washboard diet for vrouwenDavid Zinczenko & t. 9789027469748 Spiker432 pages

: Spectrum publishing house ISBN:

Win: the new cd from Marco Borsato!

the year is not yet, but already as é é 2008, one of the most special years in the existence of Marco Borsato. He took for the first time in four years on a new studio album, played the lead in the feature film white light and is now fully in preparation for his new  WIN: the new cd from Marco Borsato! live shows. He scored his thirteenth number one hit with the single white light, followed by his fourteenth with Stop time.

How could it be otherwise! A collaboration with his regular writer John Ewbank is guarantee success. That is already double-platinum, the album shows that the duo has once again good job Ewbank/Borsato delivered.

white light is a typical Marco Borsato-album full of sensitive texts, bombastic cl  WIN: the new cd from Marco Borsato!

imaxen and fantastic vocals. 

Ze.nl may 3 x the cd white light by Marco Borsato give away! What should you do?Ze.nl only active members, at least two photo’s uploaded ü pload and at least three girlfriends, make chances for a cd. (Of course you can quickly upload a picture and/or girlfriends invite if you still does not meet the conditions.)

Please answer the following question: How are called the children of Marco Borsato?

Mail your answer for 8 October to redactie@ze.nl including your login name on Ze.nl and your address information. Winners will be notified personally by email.