Yolanthe shaves in Magna Plaza

Gillette Fusion Shaving

along with her Squad, she is ready to be in a temporary shaving salon quite a few men to take care of. Marks to its pledge to help the Dutch man at his best. This promise did they during the presentation of the Gillette shaving research on 24 June. It showed that women like to see the Dutch man more effort when it comes to his personal care goes.

the Dutch women love clean shaved and well taken care of. The next time is going to make there work of Yolanthe. Does she do that tomorrow in a shaving salon in the Hall of Magna Plaza. All men are welcome for a free Gillette Fusion shaving session with


Students Awards 2008


every year organizes a search for the Netherlands’s most typical student House and goes   one hunting for the best male and female student. Also this year was this search extremely popular and there were many logins. Three finalists from each category were nominated in recent times on the internet, where you could vote. After all kinds of promotions were in the heart of Amsterdam on Thursday evening 10 July the coveted titles awarded in the hip club Odeon. In addition to eternal glory, of course, the winners got fantastic prices, issued by none other than Mariana Verkerk (the catwalk coach of Holland’s Next Top Model).

2008Wanneer your

student House of the year to a student House thinks, everyone sees this image for themselves: piles of dishes and pans, encrusted,   a fortune to deposit so \ ‘ n é n é gang that the House large obstacle course seems, skid marks in the toilet and sleeping on the couch which students actually nobody knows who they are  Students Awards 2008 . But fortunately they are not all like that. é é Is a sure thing: they are unique, it is always cosy, there is exuberant lived and it is a time to remember!The three nominated homes   who dearly love this title with the theme Eigen haard is worth gold wanted to write on their home were: \ ‘ \ ‘ Breasts citizens from Amsterdam, \ ‘ \ ‘ Huize chatting from Rotterdam and \ ‘ \ ‘ Huize Frits

from Utrecht, the Netherlands.Wie o Wie

dragged this title and win a weekend away with the whole House?! Those are the nice girls of Huize become the Chatline! They have the cutest and most typical student House of Netherlands 2008. Seven days in the week they eat with each other, drinking ten bottles of wine per week  , have a cleaning lady and dreams with z \ ‘ n all away at Dr. McDreamy. That is a weekend so é cht girls! After this victory, the House has already received many invitations for exclusive student parties and the requests of girls who want to live in the House,          

flows within!

Student of the Year 2008  students Awards 2008 as you can see the beauty certainly attended the nominees for the title \ ‘ \ ‘ Student of the Year 2008. But besides the beauty have the brains, fortunately, still influence. The finalists had to write a column that reviewed by the winner and winner of last year. The winner of the   contest got five hundred additional Voices column on top of the voices that have been given over the internet and that they can use of course! Hans wrote of the men the best column and got an eight. Esther put out there in the women’s head and shoulders above it and its nice column that really went somewhere about, was awarded a nine! These additional votes would be the deciding factor in the final battle?


votes counted; time for the result! The title \ ‘ \ ‘ Student of the Year 2008 in the men’s race went to … Alain Nadia! He wins a comprehensive fashionshoot Bodyglove, a photo shoot for the brand, a tailored suit by DaSarto worth 550 euros and all inclusive holiday to Turkey as a Topper for two persons! Finally, we went over to the women. Who is allowed to call itself student of the year? Daniella van Buren! It combines beauty and brains according to the voters the best! Also she wins all these great prices, but of course instead of the tailor-made suit Gets a choice of Marlies Dekkers lingerie set!

EindfeestDat the one where students would be Popping party, already at the beginning of this evening was clear. The beer could not be dragged on and promotions such as \ ‘ climb on stage, grab the microphone, then on the piano and sing a song at the top of their lungs \ ‘, seemed to be a pretty normal activity of the relevant student. After all these festive ceremonies can be a great final party of course to conclude. DJ’s like Victor Coral, Brain s. and Hitmeister D ensured that all dance in the night and everyone went partying went as only students that can! Ze.nl

on behalf of: congratulations!

Tommy Lee showing nude photo’s of Pamela

the rock star is absolutely delighted that he has conquered again Pamela. He loves to be the mother of his two children back to them. Therefore he shows everyone the nude photo’s by Pamela that he has

on his cell phone.

a source reports: \ ‘ Pamela may 41, they still looks like a Playboy Bunny and Tommy is proud that they back him is. \ ‘ Since a month is the busty former Baywatch star again at Tommy withdrawn. Also their two sons Brandon (12) and Dylan (10) live with them, so the family is complete again.

the couple married in 1995, after a first meeting of 96 hours earlier. The happiness did not last long: three years later, the divorce requested because Tommy was arrested for assault and had to bake in. Later, they both had other relationships, but between them was never completely extinguished the fire. A flasher relationship followed, but now it seems at last to be stable.

Wendy and Chris back together?

the weekly Story writes: \ ‘ it seems that Chris not \ ‘ \ ‘ coincidentally came to Ibiza, but had a clear goal. \ ‘

Wendy and Chris are still regularly spotted together. They visited among other things still together the concert of Kane in the Rotterdam Kuip. Wendy is   always been careful in her statements about Chris, but has always said that she’s still good can get along with Chris   \ ‘. However, the presenter is clearer in his statements. \ ‘ Deep down is still that feeling of love. We both have trouble letting go of each other, \ ‘ he told

in an interview earlier.

We are curious!

BSB-manager zwendelde for $ 300 million

Lou Pearlman was the mastermind behind successful boy bands like the Backstreet Boys and ‘N Sync. \ Recently he was already sentenced to 25 years in prison, because he was known to be guilty of money laundering, conspiracy and fraud in a bankruptcy filing. The judge has determined that his imprisonment is shortened by one month for every million dollars that repays to those affected. Lou

This is a daunting task for Lou

. He has earned millions in the past or   in the music industry, but research has shown that there is not much more of it after a business failure. The few music acts he still has, he may continue to manage from the cell


maybe Lou in the cell what work? For a fee of 12 cents to $ 1 per hour should it fixed succeed!

Victoria finds herself plain

\ ‘ I am a girl with a normal appearance, but I know to make the best of it, \ ‘ tells Posh in the August issue of the American magazine Allure Magazine. \ ” I’m ordinary

Her glamorous appearance. \ ‘ comes up, she does her not there much trouble for. \ ‘ it takes me an hour and a half to do my hair and to update my makeup, \ ‘ reveals the 34-year-old Victoria.

fashion sense, the former Spice Girl in high degree. She has a stylist; She chooses all her outfits personally. She is     in that area a real appearance, not crazy that they is a welcome guest on red-carpet events. Victoria dreams of becoming one day to get a daughter, they can flood with her knowledge about fashion and beauty. \ ‘ If only to lose her for all the clothes that I can, \ ‘ zwijmelt them. \ ‘ That would be great. \ ‘

Jessica Alba shows newborn daughter

Jessica Alba and her husband Cash Warren have early last month put a beautiful little daughter on the world. The two met on the set of Fantastic Four \ ‘ \ ‘ and are in the meantime quite a while happily married. Some deliveries are a hell, at Jessica, however, went very smoothly. ” I haven’t screamed, ” she tells in OK!. ” I was so concerted and focused that the childbirth on meditation seemed! ”  Jessica Alba shows newborn daughter On which of the parents seems Honor actually the most?According to Cash: ” she looks like a female version of me. She has my nose, my eyebrows and forehead. Jessica adds: ” she has the same mouth as I had when I was a baby. And also the same ears. ”   ” maybe Honor a mix between us, ” suggests Cash. ” I only prefer them on me it seems, because a daughter who looks like Jessica, then I go crazy as the father! ”   Showbizzsite TMZ reported earlier that Johnny has received almost one million euros for the photo’s.


source: OK Magazine