P. Diddy wants acting

the 38-year-old rapper has previously played small roles in A raisin in the sun and Monster’s Ball. Now he wants to tackle the larger. The artist realizes that he still must prove as an actor and that he is still much to learn, but he’s willing to start at the bottom of the ladder to.

On David letterman he told the black Bruce Willis wanting to be. He indicated that also are ideal film role is one in which he makes love with beautiful women.

last Friday, Diddy revealed his own star on the Hollywood walk of Fame. To celebrate, he gave a party

of two million dollars.

Sylvie’s comeback?


the management of the German program sees Sylvie like in the judging panel from ” Das Supertalent ” .

Jury Dieter Bohlen, jury President about Sylvie: I think Sylvie will stand next to me in the perfect jury. ” She is stylish, looks awesome and can fix cope well with the young candidates. ”

Sylvie who himself often to talent shows looks, feels honored that they asked is: ” I think it’s a nice compliment that Dieter Bohlen me in the jury wants to have, in addition, I have also worked a lot in front of the television in Netherlands. ”

Or Sylvie actually is going to take place in the jury … to be continued.

CD: Estelle-Shine

who?Estelle Swaray! A 27-year-old London with Senegaals blood and a great love for music. This singer/songwriter/producer/rapper is totally hot! Rolling Stone magazine \ ‘ \ ‘ called her even in their list of ten artists who are going to make it this year  . Estelle is discovered by John Legend himself and signed as the first artist of his label. A great honor so! Estelle has successfully made the crossing of East London to New York. There is also her promising album \

\ ‘ Shine ‘ came into being.

what? CD: Estelle-Shine on 9 may, the new album by Estelle \ ‘ \ ‘ Shine come true. The single \ ‘ \ ‘ American Boy, submitted by this album, is already a great success both at home and abroad. The album promised one of the most innovative musical delights of 2008. That is also not crazy if you go to the (big) names look who contributed to this album: Kanye West, Wyclef Jean, Will.i.am, Mark Ronson (the man behind Amy Winehouse) and of course none other than John Legend


worth it? \ ‘ Shine’s a great mix of all kinds of music: funk, soul, reggae, pop, r & b, everything will be over. And this in a delicious swinging look. \ ‘ American Boy \ ‘ remains my absolute favorite of the cd, but also other songs sound me super in the ears. Such as \ ‘ No substitute love \ ‘ \ ‘ \ ‘, \ ‘ Magnificent, ‘ \ ‘, \ Come over You are \ ‘ \ ‘ \ ‘ and More than friends. If you listen for the first time the   cd, the songs might be a bit similar, but the more often you they listen, the better and more fun they are. \   \ ‘ Shine ‘ is just a delicious cd full of fine r & b!

Have? Order it here

directly online!

Guido’s Passion

The 30-piece orchestra, conducted by composer, conductor, violin soloist and producer Guido Dieteren you might be knowing the successful Symphonica in Rosso-concert series. During these concerts accompanied Guido’s Orchestra included the main acts Paul Marco Borsato and the lion, and will also this year september the guidance of good old Lionell Ritchie to take.

 Guido's passion but until then tourt Guido’s Orchestra with a unique show along the greater theatres in the Netherlands. Red Passion Live in Concert is a show full of recognizable and own songs, characterized by a beautiful fusion of pop and classical. Well-known classical melody ë n, pop songs, film music and new compositions are in their own way handsome combined. Already at the first show know Guido you with its high violin sound to give goosebumps. His solo opening from the classic Romeo & Juliet by Prokofiev runs smoothly in a stunning version of the film music of Pirates of the Caribbean. And so does Guido in his more than two-hour show more of this kind of  

é n goose bumps moments. surprises  Guido's passion Cheerful stemmingWat equal notice is the virtually equal occupation to men and women in the Orchestra. Fully decked out in red, black and silver é é n the Orchestra comes as a whole. But what most catches the eye, is the fun of the Orchestra shines forth. Almost constant have the violinists a cheerful smile on their face. What a relief in comparison to most zuurpruim heads of the \ ‘ \ ‘ serious classical orchestras!Also of the Limburg conductor and soloist Guido radiates the pleasure off. While playing he laughs friendly the room, but also takes the time to all playing down his players to run for an encouraging nod and wink. He plays with a lot of strength and passion the stars of the sky, so powerful that even a string of his bow at the end of the show he is   Biggest passieZo virtuoso revamp. as with his violin, so uncomfortable he is a public speaker. Guido has clearly nervous especially at first learned a text out of his head, but as soon as the schwung in the version is he knows his nerves on the side and he comes, as well as the room, completely loose. Passion is the motto of the evening. Guido tells all at the beginning of his presentation that the violin, but his passion is only really rays once solo soprano Wendy Kairi stage ascends. With a blush on the cheeks (I was in front, so I have it really good look!) tells Guido that they might be his greatest passion is. Wendy he learned seven years ago in a tryout in the Limburg Thorn, and they married  Guido's passion two years ago. For their wedding wrote Guido   ” Dear Wendy ” the beautiful and claim ” was even more beautiful when she cried to Wendy ” . How romantic! The performance was interrupted by Jan Slagter, President and host of elderly omroep Max, who first concert registration of Red Passion Live in Heerlen on DVD should reach out to Guido and Wendy.   Omroep Max has a lot meant for the exposure of Guido’s Orchestra and Guido was very honored the DVD, which starting from 29 april in the shops isto welcome   solistenWendy know, Poppy with her overwhelming. voice and beautiful dresses a crushing impression. In addition to his wife has secured two Limburg Guido singers: Roy Verbeek and Linda Saha taking any account for two pop songs, although these numbers a bit discordant with the rest of the repertoire of the evening. They know, however, the room to whip and when by the end of the show Guido with his Limburg accent calls: ” Do you want more? I say: Do you want more? ” , know the \ é \ ‘ soloists ‘ poppy very Carr to get dancing and stomp. He concludes his presentation by thanking the public for its support. The Orchestra would not exist without them. With a deep bow takes his leave and with the words ” day Carr é, what was your beautiful ” ,       with its close the cloth. Orchestra will Guido still call at a number of theatres in the Netherlands until the end of May. Check out   for more info. com www. guido   information and the play list. Tickets are on sale through

www.topticketline.nl definitely worth it!

Scarlett Johansson is getting married

the two are dating for a year and are now ready to marry. Scarlett, who once claimed she believed not in monogamy because man is not made for   person é é n, is apparently completely changed since Ryan. ” They are ecstatic, ” according to a spokesman.

After to be linked to many famous men including Benecio del Toro (beautiful), Justin Timberlake and her last boyfriend Josh Hartnett, she seems to have found happiness now.

When the couple is getting married

is not yet known.

TMF presenter Sacha fishing

for the program \ ‘ wake up with Sacha \ ‘   people can specify that on an original spot along with Sacha want to be awake. The three have then hiding in the tube of a slide. An unarmed security guard she had mistaken for burglars and had

immediately alerted the police.

when it turned out that it was a joke went, they were released. The police, however, is not happy with the \ ‘ \ ‘ joke and still considering any action against TMF.

Keyboard often dirtier than toilet!


That is the result of research conducted by the English group Which?. Of the 33 tested to contain an increased risk, there were five keyboards and é on é n board had five times as many nested than on a normal toilet ë n soil bacteria. The University of Arizona last year came to the conclusion that there are on an average workplace 400 times as much soil bacteria were ë n than in the smallest room in the Office. Microbiologist Peter Wilson:  keyboard often dirtier than toilet! ” it’s similar to what’s in your nose or bowels is. ” Also, the investigation showed that the chance that someone who suffers from a cold, this has accumulated through his or her keyboard.

The major culprits that cause the bacteri ë n are we ourselves. Eat at the computer, leaving crumbs and other food waste may fall between the keys, is there é n of é. But also not washing hands after

a cause is a toilet visit.Which? researchers advise

to the annual spring cleaning at the same time (but more) apply it on your keyboard. That is fortunately quite simple. Dust and food leftovers you must regularly shake. Next you need to decrease your keyboard with a small miracle cloth and as finishing touch can make you look with an alcohol swab

just go over it.